Pandrossou Street Market

Pandrossou Street Market is the first virtual community of its kind in Greece.  We are a collection of 80+ shops in the heart of Athens offering quality traditional and locally produced goods.

Our mission is to rebrand the image of Greece into one that reflects collaborative cooperation, innovation and  honest hard work.

We aim to rebuild social trust and provide community-based solutions to rebuild Greece.

Through our endeavors, we aim to encourage tourism to Greece and invite others to experience the magic that is Greece.


4 Responses to “About”
  1. fruitandcake says:

    Hello and congradulations on your beautiful action. Having the same goal myself, selflessly trying to promote any Greek iniative abroad, I created http://www.fruitandcake.com a Greek (and more) recipe blog which is projected abroad, mostly USA and CANADA. Today I posted about your blog and about the Pandrossou street shop vendors who painted the street, themselves. Please visit here: http://fruitandcake.com/?p=3736
    Let the good news circulate.

  2. fruitandcake says:

    Hello again, I hope you are enjoying the greek summer. I also hope everything goes well with your beautiful blog. I was wondering, do you have any new posts or special referance to a Pandrossou shop or Greek product etc that I could repost in http://www.fruitandcake.com, too? I’d be happy too. Also if you need a photographer for more “professional” pics don’t hesitate to ask. I could suggest my photographer and very good friend.
    Last but not least, I’d like to place a link in my recipe blog, directly to your blog. May I? Take care. Maria.

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