Maris Exclusive Jewelry

18k gold Byzantine rings with precious stones

Like many shops on Pandrossou, Maris Exclusive Jewelry is but another family business whose tales of success are largely due to a deep commitment to great customer service and quality jewelry.  They are proud providers of ancient and Byzantine inspired products.

Antonis Maris, the owner and operator of Maris Exclusive Jewelry, remembers when his father first opened a jewelry shop on the Street in 1981, some years before tourism really started to flourish in Athens.  He was 14 years old.  But even then, as Antonis recalls, Pandrossou Street was still quite something remarkable.  As Maris describes, “it’s the history and tradition that this Street preserves and maintains that makes it beautiful.  All of us who work here are the bearers of tradition.”

We met up with Antonis in his family’s shop and stopped for a quick chat.

PSM: What was it like working here as a teenager?

Antonis: The 1980s were different times.  In those years, tourism just started to boom.  There was a new-ness in landscape with the influx of people from all over the world and the acceleration in business.  For us as a business, we were charting new territory and it was exciting.  Every year, good or bad, left something worthy to be cherished.

PSM: Who produces the jewelry sold at your shop?

14k gold ring

Antonis:  Around 30-40% of our jewelry is produced by us.  I’ve had extensive experience in jewelry production and have worked with many jewelry designers.  I’ve worked in workshops and have made a number of pieces myself.  And I do minor touch-ups myself.  But because I am more useful in the sales aspect of our business, we work with a number of workshops and designers who produce the other bulk of our jewelry.  We have created very collaborate partnerships with these workshops and designers, some of whom are relatives and others of whom who have become close friends.  We are very particular with whom we chose to work.  They have to be serious professionals who care about quality as much as we do.

18k Byzantine necklace with precious stones


PSM: Is there a particular piece of jewelry that inspires you to continue the work that you do?

Antonis:  Yes. I am very much inspired by Byzantine jewelry.  Even by just glancing at it, you can tell that a lot of hard work must have been put in it to produce such exquisite jewelry.  Here, our Byzantine pieces are all replicas of actual jewelry that was made during that period.  Its history and timeless beauty are something quite remarkable and something I really do appreciate.





Shop online or stop by in person at Pandrossou 83.



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