Ice Scream

Ice Scream

It’s mid-July, peak season, and temperatures are reaching highs in the mid- 40s down on Pandrossou.  For tourists and shop-owners alike, the heat can feel overwhelming, but what better way to cool down than having some home-made ice cream?  Thanks to Costas Kalamidas, Anastasios Lazarides and Dimitris Zografos, who opened Ice Scream 3 years ago, Ice Scream offers tourists the perfect refresher as they stroll through the Street.




The two gigantic ice cream cones that welcome guests to the shop add a lightness and childhood-familiarity to Pandrossou.  They bring smiling faces and children with their noses pressed against the window pane.

Ice Scream has created 130 original flavors and offer guests 24 of these flavors on a daily basis.  Early morning, each day, team members inspect and taste the ice cream to ensure it is made to perfection.




130 Original Flavors


For some, a stroll through the neighborhood with an ice cream at hand is emblematic of summer pasts.  As Costas recounts with nostalgia of his childhood days, ice cream was indeed just that.  As a young boy, he would keep tally of the ice-screams he had eaten during the summer, competing with his friends to see who had eaten the most.

Costas started working on Pandrossou in 1997.  But what started as a summer job, or as we like to call it, a “season,” turned into 15 years.  Being able to offer this same joy to children, tourists and shop-owners alike through his small business, Costas tells us, gives him much happiness.

We caught up with Costas and asked him to share his thoughts on Pandrossou Street.

PSM: What do you enjoy most about work in this industry?

Costas: This is a happy place, right here. It is a job that represents summer. Even just thinking about the summer makes me happy. People wait the whole year for summer to come.  Our ice-scream is a product that people crave, especially children. Children come here everyday and want to jump into the fridge to taste all of our ice cream flavors.  That is the best thing about this job: when a kid says, “I want ice cream.” Ice cream is the last thing you can deny to a child.

PSM: What is your favorite flavor?

Costas: My favorite flavor is one whose base is an ingredient that is called “zuppa inglese” (English Soup).  The story behind the making of this ingredient is interesting.  An English ice cream company once ordered an ice cream base from an Italian gelateria.  However, during the production process, something went wrong and the base came out looking like soup.  And because this order was a large one, to avoid waste, the Italians decided to offer this creation as a new product.  And that’s how it got its name: “zuppa” because it looked like soup and “inglese” because it was produced for the English.  At this moment, zuppa inglese is the company’s number one product in demand.

PSM: How is it working on Pandrossou?

Costas:  Pandrossou has kept the traditional neighborhood feeling. You can have coffee with any of the shop-owners around you. Everybody helps each other out.  There is a sense of community.  Everyone is your neighbor no matter where their shop is on the Street.  You know everyone by their first name.

Once I tried to leave Pandrossou.  I tried to do my own thing, but after a while I decided to come back.  And when I did, my ex-employer had his doors wide open for me. The amazing thing also is that so did the rest of the shop-owners on the Street. It was such an uplifting feeling.  It was a nice reminder that community exists here on Pandrossou.

Stop by for an ice cream at Pandrossou 19.

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