Athena Olive

Yiannis Nomikos is yet another Pandrossou entrepreneur. Having spent over 30 years on the Street, since his parents opened their first shop in the 1970s, Yiannis now runs Athena Olive, which specializes in olive derived products. Despite the present difficulties in Plaka, Yiannis agrees that “even in the most difficult financial times, one can still find opportunities.” Yiannis has been able to form successful partnerships with a number of Greek export-based producers. Athena Olive stocks its shelves exclusively with Greek products, all of which have one common ingredient: the Greek olive.

Athena Olive – Olive Oil Products





Yiannis’ favorite product in the store is olive oil. He is an expert on the product and shares with much delight and enthusiasm the differences in acidity, flavor and methods of production among the various olive oils he sells. He believes that there is something about Greek olive oil that is directly linked to Greek culture.


We recently sat down with Yiannis and asked him to share his thoughts on the Street.

Athena Olive – Olive Oil-based Creams



PSM: What has changed on Pandrossou since the 1970s?

Yiannis: Pandrossou Street will always have its traditional Greek charm and character; that’s what separates it from the rest of the city. But as a part of metropolis, it has had to modernize in many ways. For example, in the 1970s, the Pandrossou was not a pedestrian road. Cars and buses drove up and down the Street. To help accommodate the new influx of tourists, we have had to make the Street more tourist-friendly.

PSM: Do you think that the tourists have helped maintain the beauty of the Street?

Yiannis: Tourism has definitely helped maintain Pandrossou. It is a very important aspect of our city center, both in terms of culture as well as economics. The municipality has done much to ensure that tourists are presented with a clean, safe and charming environment. In this way, tourism has helped to preserve many of the aspects of Pandrossou that make it so enchanting: archaeological sites and classical 19th/early 20th century buildings.

Shop Athena Olive, Pandrossou 7 – 15


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