Orpheus was opened 29 years ago in 1983.  A family business run by Dimitra Athanasopoulou, her husband Dimitris, their son Petros and their partner Demos Papadopoulos, Orpheus specializes in religious icons and copies of ancient Greek artifacts.  The icons are all replicas of original Byzantine artwork found in monasteries and museums throughout Greece.  The ancient Greek artifacts are replicas done in marble or bronze.





Dimitra and Demos run the storefront, while Dimtris and Petros run the workshop where the icons and artifacts are made.  In total, Orpheus has a team of some 75 individuals who specialize in various crafts – woodwork, metallurgy, artistry – whose combined talent and exquisite craftsmanship create the extraordinary pieces Orpheus sells worldwide.  Their products have caught the interest of many notable individuals such as Queen Sophia of Spain and famed American actor Leonardo di Caprio.



We caught up with Dimitra and asked her about her shop and her thoughts on Pandrossou Steet.

PSM:  What inspired you to open up an icon shop?

Dimitra: Personally, I was inspired to open an icon shop because I love the idea of being able to share this particular aspect of Greek culture with tourists.  These icons are a way to preserve and share these particular aspects of the orthodox Greek religion from the 15th and 16th centuries.   The Byzantine period of Greek history, although a very vibrant one, is often eclipsed by our ancient and modern histories.

PSM:  What do you enjoy most about working in Plaka?

Summers here in Plaka aren’t what they used to be.  Lately, the days seem particular longer than usual.  But just being able to look up and see the Acropolis and to be surrounded by beautiful classical buildings and other shop-owners, who in their own way are sharing the history and culture of Greece, reminds me of how lucky I am to be where I am and to have the heritage that I have.

Shop Orpheus online or stop by Pandrossou 28B.


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