Pegasus Music Store & Workshop

Baglamas, a traditional Greek instrument

Like many shops on Pandrossou, Pegasus, which sells bouzoukia, a traditional Greek instrument, is part of a family business.  Started in the mid 20th century by Yiannis Hatziperoglou, the business is now run by his three children, Vasiliki, Barbara, and Adonis.  The Hatziperoglou are Athenian locals, but have ancestry from Constantinople and Mani, in the Peloponnese.

The family opened their first store in Plaka just under the Acropolis in the 1950s, selling souvenirs and other touristy memorabilia.  In the late 1960s, they moved the business to Pandrossou Street, just across from where Pegasus is now.  It was at that time that the family began to sell bouzoukia. They were one of the first stores in Plaka to sell musical instruments.

At the Pegasus Workshop –
Baglamas in the making

As young children, Vasiliki, Barbara and Adonis used to come down to central Athens to help out at the store.  As the years passed and business did well, the trio would open two more stores.  With their interests in mind, the family arranged for each child to run a store that sold items that matched those interests: for Adonis that was music (he now runs Pegasus); for Vasiliki that was fashion and design; and for Barbara, that was ceramics.
We sat down with Adonis Hatziperoglou and asked him to tell us about Pegasus.

At the Pegasus Workshop

PSM: Tell us a little about Pegasus.

Adonis: Here at Pegasus, we produce most of our bouzoukia.  We have a shop just across the way.  Through the years, we have improved the quality of our bouzoukia.  Although the production process is more or less the same, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products.  This can be through changing the wood we use or technology.

PSM: What is everyday life at Pandrossou like for you?

Adonis:  Here at Pandrossou we work long hours, from very early in the morning to very late at night.  We start the day by checking inventory and getting the shop ready for customers.  On days where there are a lot of tourists, we’re running around making sales.  On quieter days, we have time to sit, have coffee and talk to our neighbors.

PSM:  What do you like most about the summer season?

Adonis:  I like seeing the Street packed with people from all over the world and listening to the hum of various languages.  It’s getting to speak to people with various backgrounds and cultures and having that momentary interaction that I like most about working in this area.

Shop Pegasus Music Store & Workshop. Stop by and say “hello” at Pandrossou 26.


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