Olive Wood

Olive Wood was opened 17 years ago in Plaka by Vasilis Rikoudis.  Olive Wood specializes in the production and design of olive tree wood goods such as cutting boards, salad sets, wine holders, olive and honey jars and other finely carved handicrafts. Rikoudis first became involved in olive tree wood production as a young man … Continue reading

Pegasus Music Store & Workshop

Like many shops on Pandrossou, Pegasus, which sells bouzoukia, a traditional Greek instrument, is part of a family business.  Started in the mid 20th century by Yiannis Hatziperoglou, the business is now run by his three children, Vasiliki, Barbara, and Adonis.  The Hatziperoglou are Athenian locals, but have ancestry from Constantinople and Mani, in the … Continue reading

Shop for Memories with Global Blue

Check us out in the digital version of Global Blue‘s Magazine! 25,000 copies of the magazine will be distributed to 4 and 5 stars hotels in Athens.  In addition, the ad will appear in Global Blue’s map of the city.  83,000 maps have been printed and will be available to travelers at airports, harbors and … Continue reading

The Chairs

  The day is not yet noon and the heat has not yet set in.  Grapevines hang from rooftop to rooftop, shielding tourists from the bright Athenian sun and providing shade to shop owners as they await the next sale.  Sitting in the middle of the road, the shop owners have fashioned an island with … Continue reading

Weekly Shop Highlights

Each week, we will highlight one of the 70+ shops on our Street. You’ll get an intimate look at what everyday life is like for us in Plaka, learn the history behind our shops and get to know the family and friends who make up Pandrossou Street.