Maris Exclusive Jewelry

Like many shops on Pandrossou, Maris Exclusive Jewelry is but another family business whose tales of success are largely due to a deep commitment to great customer service and quality jewelry.  They are proud providers of ancient and Byzantine inspired products. Antonis Maris, the owner and operator of Maris Exclusive Jewelry, remembers when his father … Continue reading


Join us for our first event this Friday (31/08/2012) as we celebrate the August Blue Moon! We are staying open after hours (19:00 – 23:00) for a night of FREE wine, appetizers, music and many special offers. We want to get to know you better and give you a chance to get to know us … Continue reading

Athena (The Goddess) Jewelry

Athena (the Goddess) Jewelry sells exactly what its name suggests: handmade, Greek jewelry, made by Greek artists, whose designs reflect the strong, wise and determined character of the goddess herself. From bold, intricate pieces with precious stones to small, delicate earrings, one can picture them worn by any modern-day goddess. We sat down with George … Continue reading

Ice Scream

It’s mid-July, peak season, and temperatures are reaching highs in the mid- 40s down on Pandrossou.  For tourists and shop-owners alike, the heat can feel overwhelming, but what better way to cool down than having some home-made ice cream?  Thanks to Costas Kalamidas, Anastasios Lazarides and Dimitris Zografos, who opened Ice Scream 3 years ago, … Continue reading

Athena Olive

Yiannis Nomikos is yet another Pandrossou entrepreneur. Having spent over 30 years on the Street, since his parents opened their first shop in the 1970s, Yiannis now runs Athena Olive, which specializes in olive derived products. Despite the present difficulties in Plaka, Yiannis agrees that “even in the most difficult financial times, one can still … Continue reading


Tzamalas specializes in traditional Greek costumes and accessories.  The shop sells both original pieces from the 19th century and museum copies.  The original pieces come from villages throughout Greece and many of the replicas come from Epirus, a region in northern Greece specializing in traditional Greek costume production. Theodore Tzamalas opened Tzamalas in 1975 after … Continue reading


  Orpheus was opened 29 years ago in 1983.  A family business run by Dimitra Athanasopoulou, her husband Dimitris, their son Petros and their partner Demos Papadopoulos, Orpheus specializes in religious icons and copies of ancient Greek artifacts.  The icons are all replicas of original Byzantine artwork found in monasteries and museums throughout Greece.  The ancient … Continue reading

Olive Wood

Olive Wood was opened 17 years ago in Plaka by Vasilis Rikoudis.  Olive Wood specializes in the production and design of olive tree wood goods such as cutting boards, salad sets, wine holders, olive and honey jars and other finely carved handicrafts. Rikoudis first became involved in olive tree wood production as a young man … Continue reading

Pegasus Music Store & Workshop

Like many shops on Pandrossou, Pegasus, which sells bouzoukia, a traditional Greek instrument, is part of a family business.  Started in the mid 20th century by Yiannis Hatziperoglou, the business is now run by his three children, Vasiliki, Barbara, and Adonis.  The Hatziperoglou are Athenian locals, but have ancestry from Constantinople and Mani, in the … Continue reading

Shop for Memories with Global Blue

Check us out in the digital version of Global Blue‘s Magazine! 25,000 copies of the magazine will be distributed to 4 and 5 stars hotels in Athens.  In addition, the ad will appear in Global Blue’s map of the city.  83,000 maps have been printed and will be available to travelers at airports, harbors and … Continue reading